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Nov 3, 2009 6:00pm EST
obama's political lot. >> a lot of the attention is focused on virginia, which is now considered a swing state, and on new jersey, where a republican may or may not unseat a democrat in the governor's race. president obama has worked hard to keep virginia and new jersey in the democratic column. the outcome of gubernatorial races in those states may be a reflection on the president. >> if he spots virginia and new jersey, he is fine. but if he loses both of them, that could slow down his momentum for his agenda. >> for the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia. >> in virginia, the president campaigned and helped raise money for creeds. >> i just felt that mcdonald's is too conservative. >> but polls show that voters were leaning toward mcdonald. >> i think he would have lower taxes. >> president obama also spent time campaigning for the new jersey democratic gov. jon corzine who is fighting to hold onto his seat. and lost their would be viewed as a suspect for the democratic -- a loss there would be viewed as a setback for the democratic party. [unintelligible] >> i will let peop
Nov 1, 2009 6:00pm EST
about the weather, which is typical for autumn, i guess you could say, coming up. >> president obama faces the first anniversary of his election. he is bracing for more bad news as the latest jobs report hinted this week. 11 news reporter brian mooar has the latest project economy report from washington. >> one year ago this week, barack obama was elected president in a nation tumbling into financial abyss. he argued without the stimulus, the economy could be much worse. >> it is easy to forget that only a few weeks ago, the economy was shrinking, and economists fiers a depression. >> the report was recently that the economy grow over 3% -- and economists afeard a depression -- feared a depression. the unemployment is at 9.8%, and it could top 10 percent said this week with the latest jobs report -- it could top 10% this week. >> where are the jobs? >> republicans are scoffing at the claims by the democrats and the president of jobs being saved or created. treasury secretary timothy geithner predicts a choppy recovery. >> this is a very tough economy. it has only been three months of
Nov 13, 2009 6:00pm EST
. >> the obama administration makes a controversial announcement about the 9/11 terrorist suspects. >> college basketball tips off tonight. >> the storm off of the carolina doctor banks will play a role in our weekend weather, but we also might get a peak of the sunshine. relatively mild in baltimore right now. the winds are diminishing out of the north. here is a look at what is coming up on tonight's "jay leno" show. > >> the president of the university of maryland baltimore county has been named one of the best college presidents in the united states. he has spent much of his 17-year tenure -- jim smith says his passion and vision made the university a premier institution of higher learning. >> there has been a controversial announcement from the obama administration. khalid sheikh mohammed is the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks and will be tried in new york. >> attorney general eric holder said he would not have made this decision if he was not absolutely confident that all five suspects would be convicted and likely face the death penalty. more than eight years after the se
Nov 29, 2009 6:00pm EST
's got to be more to it than that... i'll never doubt you again. >> this week, president obama is expected to announce a plan to send more troops to afghanistan, a strategy that is expected to be a tough sell and that will have a big cost. we have that story from washington. >> how many more americans are heading to afghanistan? president obama makes his long- awaited announcement on tuesday, but some are suggesting he will send more than 30,000 with in the next 1.5 years, 9000 beginning in february. >> it did not work previously. you need to put in every but you can as quickly as you can and deliver a knockout punch quickly to the enemy. >> some are not convinced the president is doing enough. democrats are afraid that afghanistan will become the next iraq. >> the key here is an afghan surge, not an american surge. >> they want to tax the wealthy to pay for the war, an extra $1 million per troup, per year. david obey of wisconsin wants to tax everyone but the troops -- an extra $1 million per troup. -- troop. >> we have to see what this costs us on education and on our efforts
Nov 6, 2009 6:00pm EST
. >> president barack obama said that he is getting updates from the fbi and other federal investigators. meanwhile, in virginia, relatives of the suspect released a statement, calling this crime despicable and deplorable. >> president barack obama ordered flags at the capitol, the white house and other federal buildings to be flown at half staff until veterans day, a way to honor the victims from fort hood, texas. >> this is a modest tribute to those that lost their lives as many preparing to risk their lives for their country. >> the president cautioned jumping to conclusions. a similar sentiment was expressed at a maryland mosque that the shooter attended until last spring. >> the community was saddened. we are sad and shot that a muslim was involved. >> worshipers described him as a shy man. big news was a believable. >> i could never think that it was religion or the war that was his modem. i refuse to believe that. >> 10 minutes down the road, residence at his former foreign building work surprised to hear that the accused sure was a former neighbor. >> while the motive for the sho
Nov 26, 2009 6:00pm EST
and thanksgiving calgary is was the goal at this gym. >> at the white house, president obama called troops in iraq and have devastatinafghanistan. >> it is as close as you can get without being there. >> at the airbase, there was a makeshift parade. men and women a world away. at the first things giving dinner at the white house, the obamas are inviting 50 of their closest friends. >> the marching band strata their stuff on the national stage in this morning's thanksgiving day parade in new york city. it selected from two hundred grambands. >> there's continuing coverage on our website, you will find tips and a thanksgiving quiz on our website, >> investigators are looking for the cause of a two-alarm. the basement butcaught fire at five sturdy p.m. this afternoon. five people were displaced. . a rape investigation is underway in baltimore county. no word of the suspect in this case. >> word county police have attempted robbery on their hands -- howard county police have attempted robbery on their hands. investigators say a man entered the business and pointed a gun at the
Nov 8, 2009 6:00pm EST
the shooter. she was critically injured in that attack. today, president obama thank the house for passing the health- care reform bill and urging the senate did the same. but some are trying to get it stopped in its tracks. we have the latest from washington. >> at the white house, president obama acknowledged his biggest political victory since taking office, the house passage of the sweeping health-care reform bill. >> given the often misleading rhetoric surrounding this, i know this was a major effort for many. >> the bill is passed. >> democrats won with just two votes to spare, and one runs from a republican from new orleans. he felt the heat, and now we face is the wrath of his own party. health-care reform may get a tougher fight in the senate. the 60th vote, joe lieberman of connecticut, vows to filibuster any bill with a public option, like the one included in the house bill. >> as a matter of conscience, i will not allow this bill to come to a final vote because i believe the debt can break america. >> the house bill is dead on arrival in the senate. moderate democrats from swin
Nov 9, 2009 6:00pm EST
. there is a link at the top of the home page. >> a much anticipated plan from president obama for the chesapeake bay was put in place by the informant told protection agency. states that do not apply could face penalties. >> this is the big overhaul up a regulation that has been expected since the obama administration took over in washington. it seeks to end the culture of business that has been failing the chesapeake bay for the last 30 years. with the chesapeake bay growing more set by the day, state efforts to save that it had been admitted long-term. >> when you set a goal back in 20042010, it is easy to go away -- back in 2000 for 2010, it is easy to go away. >> it is almost 2010, and the goals have not been met. >> we always set long-term goals. this hold us accountable on a timeframe where people do not forget. >> epa tenpounder states for not meeting goals by rejecting state approve permits or withholding funding for state environmental programs. milestones will have to be met every two years. it focuses increase regulation on farm and storm water runoff sources. >> this is something tha
Nov 20, 2009 6:00pm EST
world famous as the fiery former preacher to barack obama before he became president. he spoke with and mccarthy on the campus of the university. >> extremists on the right and left serve a purpose. i think that people such as the speaker of the house that are deciding not to go are missing an opportunity to make their own statement as to who we are as a statement. >> rev. wright is expected to speak -- rev. wright expected to speak tonight. >> now, your 11 insta-weather + forecast and with tom tussler buyer. >> we're watching the weather system to our south. we will see if it plays out that way. we will be during some other. we will see of that system will clear out clear things out. today was 62 in the inner harbor. another day with normal -- and warmer than normal temperatures. -- another day with warmer than normal to birchers. we are 12 degrees warmer than the average for this time of year. it looks like that we will end up being a little chillier. a brief clearing pattern is behind that. there are storms about to pop up. it looks like temperatures will settle back into th
Nov 5, 2009 6:00pm EST
to the hospital here. >> president obama weighed in during a speech in late afternoon in washington. >> my immediate thoughts and prayers are with the wounded and with the families of the fallen and with those who live and serve at fort hood. >> neither the entities of the two soldiers in custody nor any of the victims have been released yet. >> be sure and stay with us for continuing coverage of the deadly shootings at fort hood in texas. nbc nightly news will have the latest on the investigations and the conditions of the wounded. that begins immediately following this newscast at 6 got 30. you can always fall developments on our website, >> the family of a dialysis patient is claiming they waited for more than an hour for ammons crews to arrive and transport their loved one to a hospital. >> is it an isolated incident, or a growing problem because of city budget cuts? david has more on that. >> fire union officials say it is a growing problem, as the city asks them to do more with less. in this case, a paramedic arrives within seven minutes of the call, only he was traveling
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10